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Who still owns an old tintoy robot from his childhood or collects today tinrobots, is pleased about a fine working mechanism and a good looking condition. Pushed corners and missing small parts are no lack. Finally that were toys and are partly over 50 years old. If you purchased a new piece for your collection offen a cleaning or also repair is necassary. Here are a few advices:

Dickie Raumschiff Roboter

Hong-Kong um 1978. Kunststoff Zahnräder von schlechter Qualität


Cleaning old tintoys is a delicate affair and you can make a lot of mistakes. It is easy, if you only have to clean it from dust with a soft brush. An important work, because dust tighten humidity and it begin to rust. Dust that stays, remove with a soft rag and lather or detergent. Don`t dip the tintoy into water. Inaccessible corners clean with a q-tip. Subsequently use a hair dryer. Persistent dirt remove with ethylalcohol or lighter fuel. Caution: these cleaning can dissolve the paint or plastic from some toys. Before doing, please try in an inconspicuous spot of the toy.


Think twice before beginning repair. If the mechanism do not work,give the robot a firm pat on the back. Otherwise the toy must be openend carefully. Plastic robots are frequently screwed. That is no problem. Sometimes the panels are dovetailed. Several cams were engaged behind appropriate counterparts, when assembling in the toy factory. Be careful, because the brittle pastic breaks during use of force. Tin robots regulary do have tabs. You can lever these tabs with a plastic spatula. Screwdrivers can cause scratches in the bodywork.

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